Keith Ablow, a Good Man, a Good Doctor

Last March a grassroots effort was made when I contacted Dr. Keith Ablow and asked if we could retain his services privately so he would observe and report truth in lieu of the Department of Children and Families and he said YES.  Since 15 October, 2015 DCF Massachusetts have been WRONGFULLY using Dylan to solicit my performance and I have refused.  That amounts to about three years of alienation for Dylan from the people he grew up with and loved all his life.  That’s a lot of trauma for a 10 year old boy.  Thank you Dr. Ablow for your willingness and readiness to help Dylan come home to his loving family and friends.

Keith Ablow could have easily said NO because it’s not the normal request or part of his usual practice but it was Keith’s way of showing real concern and desire to help Dylan and I.  Believe me when i say he did not need my business.  So, regardless of the unusual nature of my request, Dr. Keith Ablow offered to oblige and he did so sincerely, with this idea that he would be helping Dylan and for this i am truly grateful.   What he said via one of the many emails we sent to DCF was:

I am available at any time, as I see the separation between David and Dylan as having harmed and continuing to harm both parties, without a defensible rationale.

Respectfully, Keith

Also,  in another email  Dr. Ablow went on to say:

I want to reiterate that I am more than happy to supervise meetings with David and Dylan.  I am an adult and adolescent psychiatrist and am Board-certified in adult, adolescent and forensic psychiatrist.  I have worked with children and parents for decades.

Respectfully, Keith Ablow, MD

My beliefs are mine alone.  Because Dr. Ablow is willing to help us bring the truth to light does not mean he shares my beliefs.  I do think he respects them and my right to them.  What I believe is that everything I have written here on this website regarding what’s happening today to be a truth. 

So, before I get into writing this complete story let me share a little background about it first.   For anyone who is reading this and does not already know who is Dr. Keith Ablow: 

Dr. Keith’s an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous books on developing self-esteem, building success and overcoming depression, anxiety disorders and other psychological challenges.   He is one of America’s leading psychiatrists. He is a graduate of Brown University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, served for many years as an assistant clinical professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, and is board certified in adult, adolescent and forensic psychiatry.

The book that I have always admired by Dr. Ablow was one he wrote called: Living the Trut :Transform Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty.  You can pick it up all over but works.  I have not read all of Keith’s other books.

Additionally, I’m inspired to write today because of something good I read about a police officer, Ralph Boryszewski.  My friend Gus whom I also admire wrote something recently about Ralph, a kind of hero,  and also an author,  Ralph Boryszewski: NY Cop. 

Gus has a deeply spiritual site about the Common law.  If you’re interested in reading about this police officer you can check out Gus’s site:  That, and there are a lot of other really cool blogs on his site too.  Anyway, this one story caught my eye especially because of how it relates to what i am writing about today.  Boryszewski’s idea of “silent consent.”

“Silent consent, “is a disease of modern society that can be controlled only from the top of the spectrum of leadership.”

More on silent consent in our true story.  These last three years have been very difficult for Dylan and I.  It’s so hard to really express for anyone who has not been through this just what I mean.   People who know me see I have witnessed some pretty low times and I struggle with my feelings often.  It breaks my heart, and challenges the spirit of right reason in my entire being.  

DCF knows very well what they do.  Seems that the use  of “Pain Compliance” is employed in their methodology and process; a way of persuasion and I would sooner call it coercion,  blackmail and extortion but I digress . . .

Since i was robbed, at Gun point, of Dylan, October 9, 2015 ( if you don’t know, Dylan is my little boy who I grew independently for 10 years, New Hampshire);  since that time,  DCF Massachusetts and their private Agency and private courts have been soliciting my performance making an offers of supervised visitation, a service plan that Dylan and I do not qualify for and never have. I am not from Massachusetts for at least the last twenty years or so.  I won’t get into that too much.  

DCF men and women workers do not care,  they think it’s OK to change peoples names, addresses, identity, to their liking when ever it suits them.  Thousands of Moms and Dads who have felt the effect of such wrongful activity  will attest to this truth. I have seen them tell me time and again and know first hand.  You can check out the blog:  “A System of lies and Child Trafficking”.  You can read all about it on this site so i won’t get to far into it again right here.  I will say that I am not alone.  As Dr. Keith Ablow might say,  that is something I could find comfort in knowing.  I do.   

Basically,  because i refuse to perform for Massachusetts Department of children and families under their paternalism:  they continue to allege false claims without any evidence,  alienate Dylan from I and all his loved ones,  stigmatize and character assassinate me leading to attempt murder and fabricate stories;  all the while,  ignore the truth, ignore  all my good faith, honorable attempts to bring Dylan home while protecting our intangible property,  our freedoms.

After all,  that is my responsibility and blessing as i see it.  Protecting Dylan’s and my own freedom.  As Gus may say:  the purpose of legitimate Government is protection of mans property.  My freedom is my property and so is my right to Dylan and his to I.   I agree and it’s been, in part the basis for the Human Rights Violations that I claim today against the wrongdoers.  Realizing that lawful disputes can take a long time and not wishing Dylan suffer this continued trauma of alienation and isolation,  this is what i did:

 March of 2018,  I approached Dr. Keith Ablow with the idea that I would hire him privately to offer the same services as DCF.   That way he could supervise Dylan and I together privately to relieve the trauma to Dylan. Dr. Keith Ablow, a doctor I trust would  treat and observe Dylan to make sure he is in good health.  We would bring the truth to the public record because of my willingness to release the doctors findings for the well being of Dylan and remedy, relief and redress.

Dr. Ablow said to me it’s not a request he gets everyday but because it may help to bring about redress for Dylan and I,  he would do it.  He realized that due to the nature of the lawful dispute i have with people of Mass DCF,  Dylan would most probably continue to grow up with out his loving farther.  I will add that DCF persons have so cleverly made it seem  as though because I refuse to be forced to accept their socialized services that i do not wish to see or be with Dylan.  Another fabrication they have been presenting  and using Dylan by way of alienation for want of paternalism.  FOR THE RECORD: Never did a man or woman come forward to verify, in any court or Human Rights tribunal,  a lawful claim of wrong that i have done.  Just false claims, manipulated identity and paternalism is what i observe.

All the other loving family members and friends of Dylan’s who are also alienated from him suffer almost as much as we do resulting from this and sadly a lot of them wrongfully blame me for not doing what i am told.     Believe me there are so many of us and we are all demoralized by this continued fabrication and being at odds with our viewpoints.  This is what i like to call Communism, Noe-Socialism and or Corporatism , State-ism or Fascism but I digress . . .

So, i made two appointments for Dylan to show up at Dr. Ablow’s office and contacted DCF.   These appointments were April and May 2018 .   I let both the DCF, workers know and the people who supervise the DCF workers and I also sent the notice of private Doctor’s Appointment to the privately held Family court clerk.

I got no response from anyone and attended said appointments at Dr. Keith Ablow office, in Newburyport Massachusetts, sadly, without Dylan, as he was not taken to see the doctor i have chosen to hire for him.   So, at that time, just as so many of my close friends and family encouraged before, Dr. Ablow,  also recommended i consider doing what they tell me.  For the record:  I love and respect everyone who has offered me this advice because of my consideration for these wonderful people.  i reflected heavily upon it only to draw this conclusion, NO.   I asked myself,  Self:

1. Do the wrong thing for the right reason?

2. The wrong thing for the wrong reason?

3. The right thing for the right reason? 

A paradox and situational, i am only talking about this situation. Those questions given other situations may be easier to answer differently.   Anyway, after concluding my thoughts a few days later I thanked Dr. Ketih Ablow and told him that I will only do the right thing for the right reason regarding this and that’s it.

Human Rights is where I stand. Dylan’s Freedom and all of ours is the right reason. Empowering the genuine family is the right reason and watching Dylan grow up knowing he is free is the right reason.   I asked if Dr. Ablow if he would continue to help assert his positive influence to the people at DCF,  to encourage them to support bringing Dylan to him, again he said YES and he did over months of many emails we had, Dr. Keith Ablow, DCF workers and I.

So, DCF ignored me, and like Officer Boryszewski idea of “silent consent”,  i got ignored and continue to.   Four months later after my first attempt to bring Dylan to Dr. Ablow,  now June 2018,  i asked Dr. Keith if he would contact them directly with the offer and request on my behalf because i was being ignored.   I figured this was logical, after all,  he is an expert in the field of Human Services and certified in adult, adolescent and forensic psychiatry. 

So now what reason would the people at DCF have to disagree?  All i am trying to do is take Dylan to the Keith Ablows’ office and see him for his own well being. I am willing to pay for it and have already.  Dr. Keith Ablow is equally and more qualified then they (DCF) are and i am willing to release his findings to the public record and pay for the services in lieu of acceptance of compelled socialized benefit. 

I can’t help it but I keep thinking to myself why am i being forced to accept some free benefit when i am willing to pay for the same thing and offer the findings to the public record?   It’s like saying you have to have Mail delivered to your home even if you don’t a mail box and don’t want one. Or You have to be a Boyscout but you never signed up. 

David, You must take our services if you wish to see Dylan.

I made this clear that i was doing and paying for this for Dylan’s well being to provide relief to him after such trauma for so long.  Well,  someone did respond to Dr. Ablow.   That’s when the email dialog started and i was and am still hopeful.  Now, we have been trying together Dr. Ablow and I.   All they do like a broken record is make the same offer and solicitation to come and receive their free socialized benefit and i can bring Dr. Ablow if i choose, they say.  I feel as though i am not speaking English when talking to these people because it’s as if they read or hear nothing I say.

Well,  let me think about that offer again, No!   That’s insane,  some emails have gone back an forth between a group of people and we have found only the same solicitation to offer free compelled benefit while i am willing to pay and offer Dr. Ablows’ private services of the same nature.   My Final email was ignored completely.  It’s here below and finally, 

I’ll say this, RESPECT:  “Silent consent, “is a disease of modern society that can be controlled only from the top of the spectrum of leadership.”

More than five months I tried and at least two of them Dr.Keith Ablow tried as well.  We got only the same response from the People of DCF Massachusetts Agency,  which was solicitation of services and continued what i call extortion from the people at DCF.   

My final email to Linda Spears, Charlie Baker and others from Massachusetts DCF Agency below in red along with the thread of the group and today is 28 August, 2018 and i have had no response. this was sent couple weeks ago:   

SUBJECT:  Doctors  Appointments for Dylan Mabardy – Follow up**

Good Evening, Susan Cummings, Linda Spears and Charlie Baker,

I’m writing you again Linda Spears the woman sitting as commissioner for the company Massachusetts Department of Children and Families again tonight for good cause and right reason. I have emailed you many times in more than two years. Still, I have yet to receive a single response from you directly regarding your private agency taking Dylan Mabardy from his loved ones. I write you today with the hope that you will have the courtesy and decency to respond this time.

I privately hired Dr. Keith Ablow, a seasoned professional, Medical Doctor and adolescent Psychiatrist. A man considered an expert in his the field Health and Human Services. I retained Dr. Ablow to observe and treat Dylan and report on his well-being and in lieu of DCF, to help restore Dylan to his loving ones so we may redress. Just like the many DCF workers Dr. Ablow is also mandatory reporter of the truth, I believe.

I offer to release the information of his assessment and observation and reports to you for your records; and further, he has offered up his qualifications and emailed the many DCF workers we have been in contact with expressing his intention to render his services in this capacity for Dylan and I. Between him and I we have spent much time just trying to get an answer to say ok you will bring Dylan to the doctors or you will give a direct answer to my questions about your business services.

After so many months of trying to bring Dylan to this Doctors’ appointments I have been unsuccessful due to continued action to keep Dylan alienated from I. The reasons I am willing to pay for private services in lieu of free socialized services are:

1. I do not qualify for your companies services, and when I offer private services I know of no law that requires I be compelled to accept social services and especially by threat of force or coercion or use of leverage and extortion.
2. That reason and the lawful conflict of interest I have with DCF resulting from the Human Rights Violations and Attempted Murder Claim I have currently against You causing said conflict of interest precluding my participation or acceptance of your service according to my lawyer.

To continue: Instead of accepting Dr. Ablow’s services for Dylan you people have offered to invite Dr. Ablow and I, again and again, over and over, to participate for free, in your free and socialized services that you’re being paid for under contract.

Thank you, I would like to accept your offer of free services but let me ask: do I qualify, did I ever qualify for DCF-MA Services? My lawyer tells me it would be a legal and lawful conflict of interest for me to accept your services. So for the best interest of Dylan’s well-being I require him to go to Dr. Ablow’s office for appointment we schedule in lieu of DCF services.

I, only because you leverage Dylan, am conditionally amendable to accepting free services presuming that I and or Dylan have ever qualified your services. I promise weather you answer or not we will get to the answers but be aware every day we don’t harm, injury and loss continue.

So, I have asked a hand full of simple YES/NO non legal and operational qualifying questions but no one has felt the need to answer. For everyone whom I have presented these questions I have received only another solicitation to participate and preform for you. No single man or woman or person has answered directly one single question.

1. Who is qualified to receive your services for free?
2. Are your services voluntary?
3. Who exactly do you provide service too?
4. What is the difference between doctor Ablow’s service and yours? 5. Can I pay for your services?
6. Can you pay for mine and Dr. Ablow’s?
7. How much will I get paid for my intangible property?
8. Are you willing to honor my fee schedule and Dr. Ablow’s as well if we show up and participate and I perform for your under paternalism? 9. What is the nature of your services offering?
10. How much can I expect to be paid for the intangible property of mine that you already use and enjoy today?

No, not one answer to one question, you people simply ignore my operational and business questions and for an insane amount of time continue solicitation of my performance. Simply more seizure of my intangible property without responsible compensation seems to be what you’re after.

My legitimate operational questions that require answers as harm, injury and loss continue and presuming I do not qualify for your services then why do you keep Dylan alienated from I and why do you keep offering services to us? Again, I am amendable to acceptance, if my questions are answered to the conclusion of mutual understanding and express agreement.

I have been directed by Susan Cummings the woman who assists you Linda Spears, to speak with one of your managers named Sean. I have emailed another man Mr. Brock as well and Michael who has retired and many others. When this man who holds title of Manager, Sean, did not respond but a Mr. Brock did in his stead only again to solicit my performance without answering my questions. Are my questions difficult to understand?

I have been told by Mr. Brock that the only way I will get answers to my questions is to come to the business office and accept your services. To me, that’s like putting the cart before the horse. Just like taking and carrying off Dylan by way of force, is like Shoot first and ask questions later. This is how I have observe your business operation for the last few years.

So, I offer again a free conference call instead of coming to the office and we could address my concerns that way, I was told No because my recording the call was not something you’re accepting even though it’s the common standard in business today.

How about this: I’ll offer a conference call that I will not record and we answer my questions with Dr. Ablow and I together on the phone with my private legal scholar who I will pay for, and you or your manager whomever will set up the appointment for Dylan to come to Dr. Ablow’s office or answer my questions so I can help you identify if:

1. I qualify for your services and;
2. if there exist lawful conflict of interest between us in fact?

Clearly, as you continue to relentlessly to offer your services. It’s only plausible that you must believe there is no conflict and I do qualify in fact. So, let’s prove it on the phone with all the experts. Or you bring Dylan to Dr. Ablow’s office for appointment next week. Do we have a deal? If I am not correct I will accept your services and perform for free no questions asked. You say jump, I say how high.

I asked the questions in email for so many months to so many people and have been ignored by everyone starting with you Linda Spears. I have upheld Human Rights and continue too with the comprehension that you do also.

I am accused of and convicted of no crime. All I have witnessed is unverified, frivolous and false claims. Fabricated mistruths and stigmatization to harm my character and good name. False last names on official court documents and court records. False addresses and false identities all to effect the taking of and keeping Dylan from I by way of paternalism and you wish to offer me services? Wow! I am amazed by this.

All I am trying to do is the honorable-thing. Bring Dylan to the doctor that I have chosen to treat him and observe the truth for the record. But that’s too hard for you people to accept. Why? There is nothing unreasonable about what I require but on the other hand there is no reason for you to try to stop me because Dylan is being harmed today by your alienation for your want’s and desires.

How is it that I can bring my Mother to the Doctors but I cannot bring Dylan due to your interference and presumed authority? This may sound absurd to you because it sure is to me. Maybe you wish to come and take my Mom by force for your use and enjoyment as well? Is that what I should expect will happen next?

I am asking you again to accept at least one of my offers to bring Dylan to my hired doctor or have the conference call to answer my questions so we can mutually identify qualifications and so can be amendable to your services.

Be well, I look forward to your timely response,


From: [email protected] <[email protected]></[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 11:25 AM
To: [email protected]
Cc: ‘Cummings, Susan (DCF)’ <[email protected]>; ‘Keith Ablow, MD’ <[email protected]></[email protected]></[email protected]>
Subject: FW: Appointments for Dylan Mabardy – Follow up

Good Morning, Linda Spears, I am forwarding my last email of 10 August, 2018 to you with the hope that my direct questions will be answered. The email was sent to this list of people below and somehow you were left out of the conversation. Now, I am including you because I believe you have the role of monitoring and supervising those working within your company. I have included Dr. Ablow on this email as I have hired him to conduct private observation of Dylan and to assess Dylan’s health and well-being. I have offered to release his findings to you for your records along with the Human Rights tribunal is now hear this matter in pubic trial.

DCF has offered and continues to offer services to me and I believe that I do not and never did, nor does Dylan qualify for said services; and further, a clear lawful conflict of interest exists between DCF and David Mabardy, PMA that I believe, even if I were to qualify for said services, this would preclude that possibility. Problem is that you have Dylan and are keeping him from attending his doctors appointments I set up privately for him.

Due to the existence of Lawful conflict, unanswered qualifying questions and amount of time Dylan has been alienated from his loved ones, I have hired Dr. Ablow in Lieu of DCF to conduct observation services and medical examination of Dylan. As I have presented this many times to you people, Dr. Ablow has also contacted DCF. I have been getting no response and no answer only continued solicitation of my performance without compensation and the offer of DCF free, private socialized services but your free services offer to me comes along with a paycheck for you. I offer my fee schedule along with what I pay Dr. Ablow to participate but this gets ignored. Where is the equality in support of Human Rights?

That being said: I have had no answers to my questions to try to remedy Dylan’s alienation and redress. I have offered to host a phone call to get to the bottom of this matter once and for all but instead of getting my operational questions answered I only get more solicitation to come to someone’s business office to talk about it and have been told this is the only way I’ll get my questions answered. My offer of Phone call directly refused by Mr. Brock as keeping with professional standards I record all my calls.

If I do not qualify and nor does Dylan then why would and how could I accept your free services? Oddly, after 5 months of asking the qualifying question I still have no answer. Yet, your private employees and contractors still offer, looking for my acceptance and deny my offer of Private Medical services for Dylan with Dr. Ablow. Why and what supporting code or law are they looking up to make such a statement of denial or is it the habit of DCF to offer personal opinion as fact?

When I asked if this was a personal opinion and to tender the source for where said denial has come from I get no answer and moreover, no response; and further, now specific intentional statements that there will be no response. Why? Is this helping Dylan? If so, how?

Dr. Ablow and I have been working hard to try to help Dylan and all of us to find relief, redress and in the support Human Rights. I know that as part of the moral and ethical mission of DCF you must support Human Rights. But what’s being said or written by DCF personnel and what action is taking place seem very much in conflict with one another.

So why am I being treated with such distain and contempt when I only wish support of Human Rights and what’s best for Dylan and DCF people as well? See below the list of ten items to summarize our attempt to bring Dylan to Dr. Ablow’s appointment.

You will see that we are at an impasse due to failure to answer legitimate, non-legal, but operational questions and this failure continue harm, injury and loss and do not support Human Rights. Please tender the answers I seek and or arrange to bring Dylan to Dr. Ablow’s office for appointment that I am paying for and that I have agreed to release his findings. Thank you, David

See below:

From: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> ></[email protected]></mailto:[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 1:05 PM
To: ‘Keith Ablow, MD’ <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> ></[email protected]>
Cc: ‘Brock, Charles (DCF)’ <[email protected]< span=””>
<mailto:[email protected]> >; ‘Carleton, Sean (DCF)’</mailto:[email protected]>
<[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> >; ‘Chwaliszewski, Helen (DCF)’ <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> >; ‘Martin, Leslie (DCF)’ <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> >; ‘Malone, Thomas (DCF)’ <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]=””> ></[email protected]></[email protected]></[email protected]></[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Appointments for Dylan Mabardy – Follow up</[email protected]<>

Thank you Dr. Ablow, I apricate you effort to help in this very frustrating matter.

I wish to summarize today what we have done:

1. I have contact all people on this list of emails in addition to Linda Spears and Susan Comings and the Clerk of the private family court in Cambridge to inform all that I have retained Dr. Ablow’s service for Dylan; 2. Dr. Ablow has contacted Susan Cummings and she finally responded to him directing us to speak with Sean Carleton;
3. After some time and many emails we were directed to speak with Sean Carleton by Susan Cummings but only after Dr. Ablow made contact; 4. Linda Spears has never responded except an auto response to say she would respond; never happened;
5. After contact was made, Sean Carleton responded to say, I’ll paraphrase, he wishes to solicit my performance to come to his office with Dr. Ablow and offer us his free socialized services and I informed him again that I have hired Dr. Ablow in lieu of any Free Socialized services;

a. Sean, concluded to say NO that was not going to happen and that if I wish to have Dylan attend doctor’s appointments I must be forced to accept his DCF supervised services and only at his office some 2 and a half hours away from where I am; and further, I am to come without being compensated for my intangible property;

6. When I tried to identity if Sean’s answer was simple his Opinion or Fact and asked Sean to tender his source of factual answer I got no response at all; Instead, I got an email response, not from Sean but Charles Brock; and further,
7. Now engaged in conversation with Mr. Brock I attempted again to gain insight to weather Sean was giving me his opinion or was he sighting fact but Mr. Brock decided that he would just send over the same email Sean sent while ignoring my question completely’ and further,
8. I simply wish to determine if the management at the company DCF are in the habit of offering their personal opinions as Fact or lawful fact, in fact. Mr. Brock did also not answer that question and also did not agree with my factual evidence that he is working for a privately held corporation for profit and insisted that DCF serves the public despite the evidence that was presented to him that no one has rebutted;
9. I asked Sean Carleton and Mr. Brock who specifically qualifies for free social-services from MA-DCF and he again did not answer except to say that we were not making progress and that he was not going to continue to respond; and further,
10. I informed all people involved that I have a claim of Attempted Murder and Human Rights Violations against DCF and current and this present a conflict of interest for accepting any services, assuming I were to qualify in the first place; and further, I explained that . . .  

if you seek help contact Dr. Keith Ablow is a really great Doctor and a good man a true inspiration in his field. – Official Site

Keith Ablow, MD is one of America’s leading psychiatrists. He is a graduate of Brown University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, served for many years as an assistant clinical professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, and is board certified in adult, adolescent and forensic psychiatry.


Keith Ablow is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous books on developing self-esteem, building success and overcoming depression, anxiety disorders and other psychological challenges.

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