It is our responsibility to put an end to criminal Child trafficking Protective Services/ Human Resources/ family court/adoption Services abuse.  I am writing this letter to you on behalf of myself and millions of families and their children across America.

Children are being used in child sex trafficking situations via Child Protective Services.  Children are being wrongly placed in foster care/ adoption services to increase bonus funding for the states to increase their budget to increase the salary budget. Social workers are lying in courtrooms across the country about innocent parents and are not being held accountable when hard evidence is presented to these facts. This is a miscarriage of justice and it must stop!!!! Children are dying in foster care and it is being covered up. There is no due process. CPS is judge, jury and executioner and most of the time they have no evidence, they make it up as they go.

There is plenty of evidence to the facts, yet, nothing is being done! Once a child enters the criminal child protective systems, the child becomes a commodity. The child is worth federal funds. Deem that child special needs and that child’s worth rises by 30%. Everyone gets a piece of the pie, the social worker, the lawyers, the mental health workers, the foster families, the doctors prescribing the psyche meds and everyone else in the mission of stealing America’s children from their families for profit.

The immigrant families got more of a fair trial than American families. The judges make life altering decisions based on lies, trickery, and falsehoods. When the parents try to present their evidence, they are denied by the presiding judge. Many times, the social workers will trick the parents into not showing up for court.  WE demand fair trials with due process. WE demand warrants before children are removed from their homes. WE demand children go to family members instead of strangers. WE demand our children RETURNED to their rightful families. WE demand criminal charges for lying social workers and judges. WE demand children do NOT GO TO PREDATORS!!!! In California alone  it was found that over 1,000 foster parents were registered sex offenders. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!! OVER 1,000 FOSTER PARENTS WERE REGISTRED SEX OFFENDERS!!!

We are in a very dark place in history. People say we are the best country in the world. We ARE NOT. WE ABUSE AND TRAFFICK OUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT WITHOUT IMPUNITY. There are 500,000 or more children in the foster care system at a time. Times that by over 100 years. That is 500,000 x 100 years = 500,000,000 MILLION LIVES RUINED. And we are not even talking about the families of these children, mothers, fathers, grand -parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, family friends, and anyone else who loves these children.


Mr. Trump I am a survivor. They stole me from my parents on Oct 3rd 1977.  I was sexually abused in the very first foster home I was in. My social worker covered it up and moved me to Children’s Village in Beaumont California where I was trafficked into the child pornography trade for four years. EVERYONE KNEW!!! They even had a psychologist that used to tell us not to tell anyone what was happening, or we would get in trouble all paid for by your tax dollars.

I was 7 when I left children Villages to go to a foster home where I tried to be normal, but I wasn’t anymore. Then I was moved to another foster home until they locked me up in a mental institution where they tied me down to beds and shot me up full of drugs for over two years. Then after that I went from group home to group home where I ran away constantly. Finally, at 16 a judge allowed me to emancipate after a stint in juvenile hall for a shoplifting charge. When I emancipated to the street. I met a guy, he took me to South Carolina and through the grace of GOD I met my parents. By this time, I was 16 and pregnant and the story goes on from there. The things that told me about my parents were lies. The things they did to my parents were cruel, evil and criminal. I have been screaming about this for 20 years. I spoke many times about this at human trafficking conferences across the country because that’s what it is, state sanctioned human trafficking. It is just as traumatic for children to be stolen by social workers as it is to be stolen by strangers.

I will NOT SIT BACK ANY LONGER Mr. TRUMP. Now I voted for you because God told me too.  DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND END CRIMINAL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AS WE KNOW IT. It needs reforms. Children need to be returned to their families. We have true blue-blooded Americans who are doctors, lawyers, advocates, and people of great integrity fighting against this criminal system. Won’t you join us? The very fabric of your society is being ruined. When these children grow up they are going to be criminals because they were stolen from the very people that love them and they know it. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to straighten out. It was because God had plans for my life and he wouldn’t let me go. This is my mission to and criminal child protective service abuses. No longer will we stand by and let social workers destroy our families through lies, deceptions, and falsehood. No longer as a society are we going to stand by and allow our children to be raped, trafficked, murdered, drugged, and kidnapped. So, these criminals can line their pockets with their blood money.

Every single one of these people deserve a jail cell and I think it’s about time Mr. Pres. that you did your job to protect the people and our most vulnerable, our children. If your friends are lobbying for child protective service, and foster care services, you are going to have ask yourself why. It’s because it’s all about the money. And If you don’t do something about this, God will punish you for it because you are the president, you are the boss, you have the power to change it and you did not. Think about that.

Are more afraid of God? or are you more afraid of your friends? Remember what God said in the Bible about his children being offended. He said it’s better to put a millstone around your neck and to be dropped to the bottom of the sea.

Do something Mr. President!!! Do something worth doing for our children for our, families, for America!!!!  Get rid of criminal child protective service abuses via adoption trafficking and foster care trafficking. Remove the incentive to take children from their homes, demand that the courts will no longer operate outside of the law, demand justice for criminal social workers and put them in prison for lying, falsifying documents, and perjury. Charge them with kidnapping and using the system for false pretenses.

IF We were to implement these policies. Mr. Trump, there will be few and far between, who would risk disobeying the law. As it stands right now, American children are worth the bounty. They can be stolen from their parents, with little or no evidence and adopted out for thousands of thousands of dollars. Families are broken and hurting and screaming for help. Children are so screaming for help and nobody is listening. Will you listen Mr. Trump? Will you do what is right? Will you help our children and our families? Let’s make America great again. Remove criminal child protective services and return children to the rightful families. Let’s have fair trials and warrants before children are taken from their homes.

There’s a lot to be done in this area. Mr. Trump and there are people that will help you, but you must help us. Otherwise, America will remain a swamp with deadly vipers stealing the very life blood of our communities. America’s families and children are the lifeblood of America and if you keep allowing criminal child protective services to destroy families across the nation, it’s going to destroy America.

You say that you love America. Mr. Trump, then you will help us fight for our families and our children. Nancy Schaefer, a US Georgia senator, gave her life in the summer of 2010 because she was murdered for exposing child protective services for kidnapping, child sex trafficking, over drugging, and using children for profit. She made many speeches and she was a courageous Christian woman who fought tirelessly for her constituents.  She also  brought a life changing bill to the floor that would have changed the funding and incentives program that reward the agencies for kidnapping people’s children needlessly. All that died with her but us survivors have not forgotten her and her sacrifice and we will not give up fighting back.

Now, It’s your turn Mr. Trump. Give us back our families and our children. Take away the incentive for kidnapping America’s children into foster care HELL. It is not fun for children. It is traumatizing, it is criminal, it is evil, and we are not going to take it anymore.

I am a child of God. Mr. Trump and I will pray, work, and fight to end this scourge on American society. I do not believe that God is happy with the situation as it is. It is our duty as Christians, as Americans, and as citizens to do what is right by our families and our children by getting rid of criminal child protective services and ending the money laundering scheme that involves abusing our children in unimaginable ways. You are either with us or you are against us. Mr. Trump, there’s no two ways about it.

I sincerely hope you consider this proposal because while you’re sitting in that office. You have a great responsibility to our families and our children, and there would be no bigger responsibility to end a criminal enterprise that allows our children to be abused and stolen from their families where they are loved and cared for. The state does not take better care of our children, nor does the state give them love. There are some wonderful foster parents out there and thank God for them, but, it is a criminal operation running and being sanctioned by the government. It is government sanctioned child abuse operation, and everyone involved should go to prison for the rest of their lives because that is exactly what they have done to these children. They have decided for the rest of their lives they don’t get their families, they don’t get love, they don’t get care, they don’t get nothing unless the state gives it to them and they decided that because of power and money and no other reason and that is wrong!


So, I thank you Mr. Trump that you are on our side and I pray for you. I pray by the grace of God that you get this letter and you act upon it. Nancy Schaefer did a thorough investigation and when they murdered her, they stole all her files. The evidence is readily available. There are thousands upon thousands of families and children that would love to tell you their stories, share with you their evidence, advocates and lawyers that would be overjoyed to help you fix this problem. If you truly want to drain the swamp. Mr. Trump start where the swamp is the deepest. We need you Mr. Trump. God put you there for a reason. I truly believe this is the reason.

I wanted to say thank you for returning those children to their families of the border. My heart is broken every time I see another child stolen from her/his family. The family court crisis is out of control. Please Mr. Trump… Imagine 500 million children screaming for help and then add their families to that as well, CAN YOU LIVE WITH THAT? Because if you can’t, you should contact me, so we can get started on making America great again!!!



My prayers are with you,



Dawn E. Worswick

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