Kidnapping: CPS’s billion dollar industry

Kidnapping: CPS’s billion dollar industry

Julie Wilson
July 25, 2013

Shaymus Crow’s film is an excellent overview of the treacherous
acts committed by the government funded program known as Child
Protective Services (CPS).

Social welfare-agencies have been allowed the right to remove
neglected and abused children from the care of their families
since the early 1800s.

A report by John E.B. Meyers describes the
birth of the first governmental agency supposedly created to
protect children. The agency, born in New York in 1875 was
called the New York Society for Prevention of Cruelty to
Children (NYSPCC).

According to Meyers’ report, by 1922 over 300 nongovernmental
child protection societies were existing across America, the
creation of  the juvenile court soon followed which was
first established 1899 in Chicago. By 1919, most states had
juvenile courts.

In 1825, the Humane Society, a group dedicated to curbing
violence against animals and humans, founded the National
Federation of Child Rescue agency which was aimed at conducting
investigations on child abuse.

The Humane Society, which branched off of the British Royal
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA),
pushed forward private child protection agencies modeled after
“existing animal protection organizations.”

While the federal Children’s Bureau was first introduced in
1912, it didn’t receive mandatory funding until an amendment
was made in 1958 which required the state to begin funding the

In 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
(CAPTA) was introduced to provide “financial assistance for a
demonstration program for the prevention, identification, and
treatment of child abuse and neglect.”

According to Meyers’, “Prior to 1974, the federal government
played a useful but minor role in child protection. The
Children’s Bureau paid little to no attention to child abuse
until the 1960s.”

The Social Security Act of 1935 was amended in
1962 to “provide money to expand child welfare services.” 
However, in 1973 U.S. Senator Walter Mondale wrote, “Nowhere in
the Federal Government could we find one official assigned full
time to the prevention, identification and treatment of child
abuse and neglect.”

It was Mondale’s interest and persuasion in the matter that
influenced Congress to “assume a leadership role with the
passage of” CAPTA.

CAPTA allocated funds for “training, regional multidisciplinary
centers focused on child abuse and neglect, and demonstration

Meyers’ report states, “CAPTA played a major role in shaping
the nationwide system of governmental CPS” that’s in place

The video’s narrator quotes Mondale stating that after the bill
passed it would turn “child protection into a child snatching

The legislation soon turned the operation into a $12 billion a
year business.

In 1997, President Clinton passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act which was
intended to “promote the adoption of children in foster care.”

ABC News aired an exclusive segment that
featured interviews of foster children describing the various
kinds of prescription drugs they were given under the state’s

Instead of finding a solution to prevent this future for
children, the segment publicized the need for more state
funding and further promoted the myth that children are
institutionalized because of the abundance of bad parents.

Legislation that was originally created for the purpose of
helping children, has transformed into a financial operation
aimed at kidnapping children for the financial benefit of the

The more children removed, the more money that’s made. The
children while under the state’s care are prescribed an average
of seven medications in an attempt to keep them chained to the
system for a lifetime.

The business is so lucrative that advocates like Nancy
Schaefer, who aggressively took action against CPS exposing
their crimes, were subsequently removed.   The media
reported that Nancy Schaefer’s husband, troubled by financial
problems, shot his wife to death while she slept before turning
the gun on himself in 2010.

A report by speculated on the
circumstances surrounding the couple’s death, finding it odd
that a suicide victim would shoot them self in the chest.

The report read, “Even before a GBI investigation could be
initiated, media outlets began pronouncing that their death was
a ‘murder-suicide’ and shut off most public comment posting on
their web sites.”

Most disturbing is that, not unlike many other evil government
programs, the atrocities are directly funded by the
taxpayer.  In essence, citizen are paying for programs
that could potentially remove their own children.

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