Family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a COURT OF CONSENT

A very IMPORTANT issue has been brought to my attention. For all parents now in family court. This is new found FACT, I am not an attorney, a children and family rights advocate and a parent just like you. With the help of a great friend I will refer to her as Miss AZ. for now as I dont want to put her open case at risk, she has found that the family courts are NOT a court of law, in fact are a COURT OF CONSENT. I will have to agree as to the merits of this to be true to my own research and do believe that a; MOTION TO CHALLENGE JURISDICTION/MOTION TO VOID ORDER or a MOTION TO SET ASIDE JUDGEMENT, would in fact dismiss any open case with CPS/DHS to protect your child/children from abuse, of the contracted state service providers, some foster care providers, cps workers and foster care managers. Do not take my word for this, I am NOT an Attorney. I ve done my research, but I cannot be at your courts to proclaim this, so I will post below keys to help you with your individual case and futher more info requests. please message me and I will respond as soon as possible. Many blessings to all that have helped with Family Rights, Children Rights, Grandparents Rights, together, WE THE PEOPLE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

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